Friday, January 30, 2009

take me to a party

I first met Alexander Wang in NYC at a tradeshow called Designers and Agents, in the Spring of 2005. he was showing his first collection of milk colored cashmere sweaters that had hi-contrast images of his friends woven into them.

now, he is a name we all know, and love. his designs are made in China, and still so expensive...
I guess that is how you make a profit in the apparel industry these days.

this dress is a gorgeous silk crepe de chine, take me to a party, take me, please....

buy it here.

vena cava how I love thee

Zodiac Dress by Vena Cava

My dearest friend Matia has said that this brand makes clothes that work on my body type, and I must say that I love them the best.
the two shirts in my closet of theirs get the most rotation, lovely patterns in silk and jersey.

this dress I could wear all spring, all summer, and into fall....
you can get it at Frances May.

what I want today

aphrodite dresspassion heel
Aphrodite silk and cotton dress from Raast, and Passion heel from Chie Mihara
buy them for me? they are on sale here:

feral childe

great top made from wool jersey. mmmm

you must check out the new animation for their spring line. these ladies are incredible.
feral childe

Little Barn

buy it here
art by Hadley Hutton

Sunday, January 11, 2009


gorgeous leather jacket....